Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Iraqi freedom fi..., um, insurgents have got some nerve
To resist pacification with such unstinting verve.
Some believe in violence and are going to flaunt it.
Can we force peace on folks who really don't want it?

We're trying to give them democracy
By establishing an approved aristocracy.
Do we really think that through military scrimage
That we'll manage to remake Iraq in our image?

If the Trix bunny dressed out in desert camo khakis,
We might say, "Silly Rabbit, Iraq is for the Iraqis."
Preach me not about honor and all that jive.
Support our troops: bring them home alive.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

War on What?

It seems to me to be in error
To think that we can make war on terror.
Terror is a tactic used in war,
So a war on terror is fighting fahr with fahr.
Seems like that could make an awful mess.
Seems like we'll get more terror, not less.